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12 hours ago

Is it known what Ecco used to make 3rd crush and 7th crush?

Did he make it on his phone?

Average drainer hallucinations
ambi vert

1 week ago

Perk ☆ —


7:00 PM

fool u have fallen for their ingenious trap



4:41 AM

real life looks like its glitching

I'm 104 years old and I remember the first time I heard this song in 1944 after we liberated Stockholm. It touched my heart then and it touches it now.

7 months ago

Jason Watts

admin vic


10:17 AM

Even when I play video games

I feel high arousal in my nervous system

fast racing heart

but it’s like a good adrenaline way

but the bad one just feels bad n stressful

Im a time traveller from the year 1776.

The declaration of independence was just signed and the national anthem is Cartier God Icedancer Interlude.

They have been lying to you this whole time!

Richard Ivan

1 year ago

one week without icedancer I don’t know what is real anymorv

sophia jullien

1 month

im 300 years old and i remember times when i live in castle

draining everyday thank you bladee


6 months ago

yo please bring this back to spotify

toaster sticks

1 month ago

As a 229 year old War of 1812 veteran,

I remember blasting this during the burning of Washington.

It brings back so many memories.


9 months ago

5th day without icedancer on spotify i just wanna die

zoid PH

1 month ago

who else here cuz they put icedancer off spotify

aleksi seppala

1 month ago


Posted byu/drunkatolivegarden

11 hours ago

Doodling off an edible nd listening 2 crest / spiderr

hour 20 without icedancer...
i began to shake when i first heard the news of it disappearing,
and didnt think it was real.
i went to spotify and it WAS real..
the sight of it horrified me and i started hyperventilating.
i tried to distract myself by listening to other albums,
such as eversince and redlight,
but that only made me think about it more.
i then proceeded to break into tears and start violently shaking.
i had to turn it off because all i could hear were the
voices in my head saying
and i went crazy.
so crazy i started abruptly
sweating and breathing heavily,
i felt like i was about to die.
as the hours passed,
it got worse and worse.
i felt like demons were taking control
over my mind and monsters
started to arise from my heart.
intense shaking,
and screaming non stop. for hours on end.
i tried to console myself by taking a rest,
but that night the thought
of icedancer being gone kept me up all night.
i managed to get around 40 mins of sleep,
waking up with bloodshot eyes.
though i was insanely tired,
i thought that maybe
icedancer would be back,
so it would be okay.
i slowly made my way onto the spotify app
, reluctantly searching
hoping for the best.
my heart starting pounding
as i realized it wasnt there.
i ran to the bathroom with
the urge to vomit,
and i starting brutally
vomiting up blood.
tears started viscously pouring out
of my eye sockets.
i could feel all the demons
exiting my body
as the blood and
tears emitted from my body holes.
to calm myself down,
i decided to finally go on a walk,
after years of being locked up,
decaying, rotting away in my bed,
listening to icedancer. ......
whats this...?
it was sharp and green.
my eyes widen as i remember.
i hadnt seen the sight of it in years.
as i bend down
and softly lay my hand onto it,
it almost pierces through my skin.
it hurt my weak hands
havent ever touched anything else
besides my phone, and airpods.
thinking of that made
me remanence back to
the times when
i was able to put in my airpods
and listen to my favorite album,
this nearly broke me back into tears.
as i run home,
i make it to my room in time.
i knew what was about to happen.
i jump onto my bed and burst into a mental breakdown.
with my hands aggressively shaking and
my mind filled with voilent thoughts,
i come back to my senses.
this isnt what bladee would want of me.
i cant think this way.
that brings me slight peace,
and calms me down enough
to make my hands steady enough to write this.
with my eyes still filled with tears,
and waterfalls streaming down my cheeks,
i will go to sleep again tonight,
with the only thought in my mind
being that icedancer is gone.
its been very hard getting through these past hours,
and im not sure if i can make it any longer.
if i die tonight,
youll know why. t
he pure pressure of icedancer
being removed from my life.
i just cant take it anymore.
as i lie my head on my pillow,
i wish the best for the rest of you,
as im sure you may have had a similar experience as me.
goodnight all,
and maybe forever.
my only wish is to wake up tomorrow
with icedancer infront of my eyes.
otherwise, i wish to not wake up at all.

1 month ago

the cloud; disembodied distribution

Cloud This is not as new as we might assume with the mainstream cloud of Google Drive, iCloud etc. introduced in 2011/2012, but can be dated to 1996, shortly after the release of Chungking Express where MIT Technology Review cites a reference to a patent for ‘cloud computing’, an unrealised model (Hu, 2015).
servers such as Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud facilitate astronomic expansion of memory which elongates the present outside of a physical location - “distance and delay have been eroded to nearly nothing” (Reynolds, 2011). As of February 2020, more than 500 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute - this equates to approximately 30,000 hours of newly uploaded content per hour (Statista, 2022).

Our sense of temporality is increasingly inconstant - a model that is facilitated by the time-display bar, allowing visitors to make-present a particular moment; and the algorithmic sidebar - a lateral drift across time in which everything can enter your personal 
timezone Users can also automatically link a certain timecode or comment on a fragment of a song in order to direct others to a particular moment.
(Reynolds, 2011). Moreover, I would suggest that the genre-mashing -CORE is itself related to this algorithmically defined experience. Just as “one’s data trail grows with each website visit and each packet one sends through the cloud”, a particular online sub-scene accumulates references from the web ocean (Hu, 2015). This analysis of the temporal effect of listening to music online - “you can flit from the archaic to the up-to-the-minute in a click” - has a similar effect as the one achieved through Wong Kar-Wai’s use of step printing - the paradoxical combination of speed and standstill that locates the aesthetics of lingering as a feeling of stuckness (Reynolds, 2011). This is also explored lyrically.

nowhere fast, meatcomputer, 2020

The vastness of accessible content does not, however, provide an adequate archive for music scenes that originate online. Labyrinthine internet scenes - spread across myriad forums and platforms - are dotted with elisions, breaks, lost moments (Press-Reynolds, 2022). The chronology is consequently impossible to define; this is something which is deliberately mythologized by Drainers and becomes a kind of ‘true-fan’ signifier. In the instance of Bladee’s Icedancer Mixtape, this fictional chronology or ‘drain story’ is used as a  distribution strategy in which albums are dropped and
across multiple platforms.