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/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// HAPTIC COMPUTING THROUGH SONICS 

Vibration: through amplification, digital fragments are made audible, vibrating the space and bodies within. The vibrational activity, both sonically and through movement of the collective body presents an energy exchange, contorted by their affective temperature rise: the transitory body, marked by collectivity rather than individuated, enters into a new mode of composition: a becoming vibrational entity.

......manipulating the materiality of vibration; the reception of a whatsapp notification on silent mode is acoustically treated to populate a stretched moment. This rhythmic vibration rubs against the ARSS sonification of transmitting the Lena image [also elongated and treated]. Rhythmic pulses created through extreme mechanical de-celerations of musical material through mechanical means. This disorientation of space-time requires that initially recognizable soundbites be distorted, debased, rendered alien. The sampler works as an estrangement device which produced sonorities whose physical origin was increasingly impossible to trace.