////////////////////////RHYTHM AND ALIVENESS

“Vibrations always exceed the actual entities that emit them” (S.Goodman) 
Rhythm organises bodies: the demonstration of energy transference - particularly in syncopated rhythmic structures - can constitute an ‘aliveness’ which expands beyond the membrane of the human body. The effect of accelerating syncopated rhythm in hardcore / speedcore creates a vibrational oscillation which can be compared to Maryanne Amacher’s use of split frequencies, producing otoacoustic emissions which utilises the acoustic processing of the listener as a computational instrument.

...... an acoustic unfolds over an EQ limited speedcore remix of PonyHof, a Belgium hardcore classic.
Sampled from 1990s UK Jungle pirate radio stations, the voice of the presenter is accelerated, dematerialised into sonic fragments. The hardcore structure of the peripherie track; the kick falling on the 2nd and 4th beat, allows for an acceleration of the beat which exceeds the maximum human heart rate; creating an illusion of a 4 to the floor kick through the manipulation of higher end frequencies. The negotiation of the hardcore space makes you step in a different way: en-garde, fractured and disorientated - multitiered polyrhythms triggering different muscle reflexes.