//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// UN_AUDIBLE

Beyond the audible, there is an unlisted rhythm of automation and data processing happening at hyper-speed. Moments like hardcore and speedcore take the bpm from 300 to infinity, stretching a track to fit an inhuman quantity of beats. Digital sonics become a virtual portal to travel to the unsound, that is "an audition to encompass the imperceptible and the not-yet or no-longer audible, and bring it to sound” (Goodman, 2019). Ryoji Ikeda unveils these unheard hyper-rhythms in his sonification pieces, the translation of raw data into sound. However, his work is a cold portrait of the potential of sonification using an overly rationalised approach. Mexican artist, researcher and composer Leslie Garcia proposes a notion of data driven composition as a collaborative process. She interfaces AI with biological entities: expended notions of energy, bioelectric, electromagnetic, chemical, computation.  Thus sonification can be used as a gesture of communication towards the non-human, a practice of xeno-listening 2.

......swelling sonifications of stock market fluctuations in a single day, patched in PureData, overlays image data sonifications which assign color waves to frequencies. These moments unfold over a relentless splitting / splicing of the elongated sounds of a carwash achieved in transient beat recognition. There is a practice of translating which is similar to the function of a transducer that transforms different types of energy: electrical, chemical, digital, vibration, to one another.

2. “The Energy Bending Lab is an instrument consisting of a set of custom-built modular synthesizers and transduction tools that creates a real-time sonification from the electric properties found in some bacteria and other microorganisms.” - Interspecies collective - https://github.com/interspecifics/EnergyBendingLab